About Us

Cloverdale Primary School is highly regarded independent school by the local community and is part of the Belmont Network of Schools. The current school was established with new buildings in 1998 after combining with Whiteside Primary School to become Cloverdale Primary School. We share the school site with Cloverdale Education Support Centre. 

Cloverdale Primary School caters for a student population that is representative of a variety of ethnicities, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and we have highly dedicated and experienced staff who are committed to the success and well-being of our diverse student population.  We are a school that provides connectedness and care, where all members of the school community can belong and experience success academically, socially and emotionally. We have a high level of pastoral care and embedding positive behaviour support across the whole school. We encourage our school community to "Aim High". This is achieved through our commitment to Safety, Organisation, Achievement, Respect and Responsibility "SOAR". The SOAR values underpin and impact on all aspects of teaching and learning at Cloverdale Primary School.

We recognise the profound impact that parents and families have on their child's learning and education and we understand that families bring skills that complement the teaching skills of our staff. Any contribution that families can make to their child’s learning journey is valued, respected and appreciated, where collaboration, support and partnering is welcomed and encouraged.

Cloverdale Primary School have a dedicated School Board and Parents and Citizens Association who are champions and advocates of our school. They provide direction and purpose to the school’s connection with the broader community. We highly value the input received from a range of community organisations and agencies that are committed to providing outstanding support to staff and students. As a hub of our local area, our school also share the site with a Child Development Centre and Dental Therapy Centre. 

At Cloverdale Primary School we remain dedicated to the excellence of teaching and learning. We are supported by a committed and engaged school community and we value and foster student success and opportunities for building the future adults of this country and into the 21st Century.