Student Support

Cloverdale Primary School has a strong student support network incorporating a School Psychologist, School Chaplain, Aboriginal Islander Education Officer (AIEO) and and on-site Child Health Centre and Dental Therapy Centre.

The school Psychologist attends Cloverdale Primary School on a weekly basis. Students are referred through teachers and administration

The school Nurse visits regularly, conducting health screening programs for students and liaising with teachers as a resource on health education.

Cloverdale Primary School offers a chaplaincy service. This is a non denominational service offering support for the well being of our students and caregivers. Requests for support can be made through the office by phone 9438 7800 or via email

The school Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO) supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students by engaging with students both inside and outside the classroom. This support encompasses academic achievement, participation, attendance and communication.

The School also provides an on-site location for a Dental Therapy Centre and Child Health Centre.

The Dental Therapy Centre is staffed by dental therapists providing a free dental service for all students. Enrolled children have their teeth checked regularly and necessary treatment is carried out. Parents are kept informed of the treatment plan as they are updated. Please contact the Dental Therapy Centre on 9479 7222 with any queries. Entrance is via Hendra Street through Gate 6.

The Child Health Centre is staffed by Child Health Nurses.  Please contact the Child Health Centre on 9277 5701. Entrance is via Hendra Street through Gate 6.